iMessage for PC : How to Use iMessage on Windows PC? [Updated Guide]

iMessage for PC : How to Use iMessage on Windows PC? [Updated Guide]

Have you ever heard about the iMessage? If you have heard about this messaging application you will probably appreciate its features. If you haven’t heard about iMessage here is the small introduction to it.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is basically a messaging apple developed by the Apple Inc and is available to Apple devices as an instant messaging application. Apple had done a lot of research on iMessage and introduced some of the best features to make it the most wanted and the best messaging application. iMessage is not officially available as iMessage on PC.

iMessage on Windows PC

iMessage on Windows PC

iMessage was available for iOS 5 and later devices. This application allows us to send text messages, documents, and even photos and videos and in addition to these, it also allows us to send contacts. All the messages that are sent via iMessenger are encrypted and also can be tracked by using the delivery receipts.

In iPhones, the iMessenger is available along with the normal SMS and MMS application, this is because you can use iMessenger to contact only with Apple device users as the other side person also require iMessenger. So in order to keep in contact with Non-Apple users, SMS and MMS applications are also present. Many users wants to use iMessage for Windows PC as it is secure and reliable.

Features of iMessage on PC

There are many features that make iMessage Exceptional to all other messaging platforms. The best feature is the stickers. You will love the stickers that are available in iMessage app. Some of the cool features are

  • Group chat
  • Stickers
  • Use Reactions
  • Animations

Because of the awesome features of iMessage, everyone wanted to have access to this app in their workplace computers and in personal computers and so on. So that if this is available even in Windows device we can always keep in touch with loved ones with the best app available to us always.

There are many people who use windows computers and wanted to use iMessage on their computers. So we have found the best methods that you can use to enjoy iMessage on windows pc.

How to Use iMessage on PC?

Method 1: Use iMessage for windows by Chrome Remote Desktop Method 

in this method, we use the chrome remote desktop app and the procedure is as follows

  1. As a requirement we use iMessage on windows PC, So you must have a Mac to use iMessage on your windows device.
  2. Now go to chrome web store and download chrome remote desktop on both mac and windows device.
  3. After installation is done, launch the application by clicking on it.
  4. Now download Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer on your Mac device. And now install it.
  5. To be clear Chrome Remote Desktop to access another computer apps and files securely with the help of chrome web browser. So launch the apps and connect the two systems using the security code and that’s it now you can enjoy iMessage for windows PC.

Method 2: Jailbreak your iPhone to Use iMessage on Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1

If you don’t want to use the above method we can use the following method. But remember that this method is not as easy as the previous one. This method is little complicated than previous one.

The important one is that you need to jailbreak your Apple device. This is done by installing a software called as Cydia. Cydia is a software that is a directory of applications and these applications become usable because of your jailbroken iOS device.

In the next step, you actually wanted to buy an app called as Remote Messages. This Remote Messages application is available in Cydia. The cost of this application is $4. This app is basically a web-based interface and this interface is used to connect with the help of your iPhone’s IP address.You can find your iPhone IP address in the browser following “:333”

The next step is somewhat complicated but the app explain everything in detail and every instruction will be in detail. That’s done, Now you can use iMessage on PC.

Method 3: Use a Free Emulator 

Now, this is the third step that we use to use iMessage on Your windows device. First,  Follow our guide to install ipadian and download the latest version of free emulator available there. Then install the file by clicking on the .exe file on your Windows PC. Now, wait for the installation it will ask you to accept the terms and conditions. Continue by accepting these terms and conditions and after the installation is down Run the application by clicking on it.

Now open the iPadian software and in the search bar available type iMessage. And from the results fine the Apple messenger app and launch it. Thus you can use iMessage on Windows PC.

Method 4: Access iMessage History on Windows Computer

Even though you have all the three of the above methods to use iMessage on Windows Pc, we are mentioning one more extra method that will be useful for you. By this method, we get the history of iMessage on your windows device. In this method, we use a third party tool to get the history of iMessage on your windows app. This method is the least bothering method and you can use it hassling free and get all the chat history on your windows device.

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

Garageband is a software developed officially for Mac and iOS operating systems. It is basically a digital audio workstation which enables users to create a premade loop, multiple audio effects and voice recording, and many others features which made it become the most popular audio station available at this point.

GarageBand application has been one of the sermonizing application in Music field with such many valuable features. Garage Band App is an instrument and music App that is created for the IOS gadgets. This App is the best author to the DJ and instrument players. Carport Band App has a wide range of instruments and types of gear that will help a client to make his own playlist and melodies as wanted. Numerous verses and ambient melodies can be effortlessly altered to get an awesome new music each tune in. DJ blending and other such sorts of music are especially simple utilizing Garage Band App. This App is accessible for IOS Smartphone’s and furthermore for the Mac OS gadget from its official site.

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7

Garageband is released for Apple devices and is announced by Steve jobs in 2004. But the important number of features that it contained made users to find alternatives to use in on a device other than Apple devices.

Features of Garageband:

  • Audio recording
  • Visual software instruments
  • Guitar features
  • MIDI editing
  • Music lessons
  • Additional audio loops
  • Third party instruments and apple loop packages
  • Sample multitrack source files

These are the best features from the garage band and with new updates coming new features are being added to its list.

If you are music enthusiast and looking for a digital audio platform then GarageBand is the best one to choose. But if you have windows and don’t have an apple device then this software is not officially available for Windows devices. In that case, don’t worry, we got your back. We had the way that we are going to tell you to guide to install GarageBand for windows 7, 8, and 10 devices.

GarageBand for Windows 7,8, 10 devices

We have done our research and found the ways in which you can install GarageBand on windows pc and we will tell you how to do that.

Is the app official?

No Garage band is not officially released for windows and we cannot expect to be released for Windows devices. The methods we are trying to download and install garage band for windows 7,8, and 10 is done to make the mac software use on Windows devices.

Why Garageband for Windows pc?

Yeah, we know that there is a much free application that is available for windows for audio editing. But the interface GarageBand had, and the freedom of the user to edit the audio, its unlimited features makes GarageBand exceptional to all other audio software available in the market.

How to Install Garageband for Windows PC?

There are many methods by which you can install Garageband for Windows devices. We have listed the best 3 methods by which you can install GarageBand and enjoy its unlimited editing options.

#1 Garageband for Pc Requirements

To install it your pc must meet certain requirements that are required for the software to run, we have listed the requirements below

  • These methods only work if your laptop is running on windows 7 8 or 10 or latest version after 7
  • Minimum amount ram that is required for the software is 2 GB But for a smooth experience we suggest you use 4 GB Ram
  • The software will run on Intel i3 processor but i5 systems give the best result
  • The software itself a 2GB minimum of free space for installation and for storing the files

If your system meets the minimum requirements listed about then you can proceed to install GarageBand For Pc.

Method 1: With the help of Rare Software

In this method, we use a third-party software to install. We use Rare Software. The rare software is an application with gives us the capability to use and install Mac apps on Windows devices. Though it will not work with all the mac apps but will surely work with Garageband.

Just install the rare software on your pc and find the GarageBand On Windows PC and install.

You will be able to install and use and you will experience the software like if you are using a Mac OS and that’s it you can use garage band.

Method 2: Installation of Garageband for PC using iPadian

As we are using the rare software in the previous method we use another software to install GarageBand for windows devices.

We use ipadian, and iOS emulator that allows us to install Mac software on windows devices and use it and this helps us to install our required software. Steps involved in the installation are below

  1. Visit this link and download the latest version of an ipadian software.
  2. Install the downloaded installation .exe file and follow the installation step to complete the installation of the iOS emulator.
  3. Now after the installation, find and open the installed software.
  4. Now when the software is opened, select App Store.
  5. Now using the search bar available search for the Requires software i.e., Garageband
  6. Find and download the GarageBand software and install in on your pc.
  7. After the installation brings the shortcut to the home screen and start using it.

Thus, you can use the iOS emulation to install Mac software on the windows devices. You can follow our detailed guide about ipadian.

Read Detail Guide: iPadian Emulator for Windows – Complete In-Depth Guide

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Method 3: Installing Garageband using Android Emulator

As we are using software from the third party to use mac software to install on windows device, we are in this method using another third-party software called as Bluestacks which is an android emulator.

This emulator gives you the ability to use apps on your Windows devices and we will use it to install Garageband on pc.

Steps involved are:

  1. Visit the link and download the latest version of GarageBand for Windows devices
  2. Run the downloaded installer and complete the installation
  3. Open the installed software and wait to open
  4. Now log in to your Google account, if you don’t have a google account create one
  5. After an opening search for Garageband band in the search bar
  6. Find GarageBand and click on install
  7. The software will download and install the software on your device and you can use it once it is done

Conclusion – GarageBand For PC

With the popularity of the GarageBand because of its useful tools for audio editing, made it exceptional to all other software’s available in the market and these methods that are listed about GarageBand For Windows PC above will help for windows user to use the software with is only developed of Apple devices officially.