Converting MP4 to AVI with Movavi Video Converter

Converting MP4 to AVI with Movavi Video Converter

Both MP4 and AVI are very popular formats, and tend to be compatible with most devices. At one time AVI was arguably the most popular format, but it was gradually supplanted by MP4 due to the latter’s versatility with newer codecs. That being said some older devices may have difficulty coping with MP4 videos, particularly if they take advantage of newer codecs that the devices may not support.

If you run into any difficulty playing MP4 videos, your first instinct may be to find a different media player. That isn’t an option on some devices however, which is why the best way to ensure that you’re able to play MP4 videos even on devices that only support AVI is to convert them from MP4 to AVI. That isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and will only take you a few minutes if you use Movavi Video Converter.

Basically when you launch Movavi Video Converter you should add the MP4 video that you want to convert to the software. The easiest way to do so is to drag and drop the file into the main working area as indicated, or you could click ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add Video’ and select it if you prefer.

Once added, you can then select the format that you want to convert your video to – in this case AVI. In the bottom part of Movavi Video Converter’s interface you should click on the ‘Video’ tab, then select the ‘AVI’ group of presets. Under that group you’ll see several presets with different resolutions that you can choose, or you could opt to retain the original resolution instead.

To finish up and convert MP4 to AVI all that you need to do is click on the ‘Convert’ button. Due to Movavi Video Converter’s unique ‘SuperSpeed’ conversion technology, converting your video from one format to another will be fast – and normally takes the same amount of time as it would if you copied and pasted the video.

It is worth noting that before you convert your video you may want to adjust or improve it in other ways. Most notably Movavi Video Converter will let you edit your video to enhance its quality, fix any issues, add captions, or crop or rotate its frame. On top of that you could opt to compress it, to reduce the file size of the video and make it easier to store or distribute.

Aside from its role as a video converter, you will find that Movavi Video Converter will enable you to convert audio and image files too. In fact that in itself has a lot of potential, as you could create animated GIFs, grab screenshots, or extract audio tracks from videos.

Even if you don’t need any of those features right now, you should try them out sooner rather than later. At the end of the day the tools Movavi Video Converter provides will let you prepare your videos and other media files in a variety of different ways, and undoubtedly will come in handy at some point.

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

Garageband is a software developed officially for Mac and iOS operating systems. It is basically a digital audio workstation which enables users to create a premade loop, multiple audio effects and voice recording, and many others features which made it become the most popular audio station available at this point.

GarageBand application has been one of the sermonizing application in Music field with such many valuable features. Garage Band App is an instrument and music App that is created for the IOS gadgets. This App is the best author to the DJ and instrument players. Carport Band App has a wide range of instruments and types of gear that will help a client to make his own playlist and melodies as wanted. Numerous verses and ambient melodies can be effortlessly altered to get an awesome new music each tune in. DJ blending and other such sorts of music are especially simple utilizing Garage Band App. This App is accessible for IOS Smartphone’s and furthermore for the Mac OS gadget from its official site.

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Latest Version}

GarageBand for PC – Download Garageband for Windows 10, 8, 7

Garageband is released for Apple devices and is announced by Steve jobs in 2004. But the important number of features that it contained made users to find alternatives to use in on a device other than Apple devices.

Features of Garageband:

  • Audio recording
  • Visual software instruments
  • Guitar features
  • MIDI editing
  • Music lessons
  • Additional audio loops
  • Third party instruments and apple loop packages
  • Sample multitrack source files

These are the best features from the garage band and with new updates coming new features are being added to its list.

If you are music enthusiast and looking for a digital audio platform then GarageBand is the best one to choose. But if you have windows and don’t have an apple device then this software is not officially available for Windows devices. In that case, don’t worry, we got your back. We had the way that we are going to tell you to guide to install GarageBand for windows 7, 8, and 10 devices.

GarageBand for Windows 7,8, 10 devices

We have done our research and found the ways in which you can install GarageBand on windows pc and we will tell you how to do that.

Is the app official?

No Garage band is not officially released for windows and we cannot expect to be released for Windows devices. The methods we are trying to download and install garage band for windows 7,8, and 10 is done to make the mac software use on Windows devices.

Why Garageband for Windows pc?

Yeah, we know that there is a much free application that is available for windows for audio editing. But the interface GarageBand had, and the freedom of the user to edit the audio, its unlimited features makes GarageBand exceptional to all other audio software available in the market.

How to Install Garageband for Windows PC?

There are many methods by which you can install Garageband for Windows devices. We have listed the best 3 methods by which you can install GarageBand and enjoy its unlimited editing options.

#1 Garageband for Pc Requirements

To install it your pc must meet certain requirements that are required for the software to run, we have listed the requirements below

  • These methods only work if your laptop is running on windows 7 8 or 10 or latest version after 7
  • Minimum amount ram that is required for the software is 2 GB But for a smooth experience we suggest you use 4 GB Ram
  • The software will run on Intel i3 processor but i5 systems give the best result
  • The software itself a 2GB minimum of free space for installation and for storing the files

If your system meets the minimum requirements listed about then you can proceed to install GarageBand For Pc.

Method 1: With the help of Rare Software

In this method, we use a third-party software to install. We use Rare Software. The rare software is an application with gives us the capability to use and install Mac apps on Windows devices. Though it will not work with all the mac apps but will surely work with Garageband.

Just install the rare software on your pc and find the GarageBand On Windows PC and install.

You will be able to install and use and you will experience the software like if you are using a Mac OS and that’s it you can use garage band.

Method 2: Installation of Garageband for PC using iPadian

As we are using the rare software in the previous method we use another software to install GarageBand for windows devices.

We use ipadian, and iOS emulator that allows us to install Mac software on windows devices and use it and this helps us to install our required software. Steps involved in the installation are below

  1. Visit this link and download the latest version of an ipadian software.
  2. Install the downloaded installation .exe file and follow the installation step to complete the installation of the iOS emulator.
  3. Now after the installation, find and open the installed software.
  4. Now when the software is opened, select App Store.
  5. Now using the search bar available search for the Requires software i.e., Garageband
  6. Find and download the GarageBand software and install in on your pc.
  7. After the installation brings the shortcut to the home screen and start using it.

Thus, you can use the iOS emulation to install Mac software on the windows devices. You can follow our detailed guide about ipadian.

Read Detail Guide: iPadian Emulator for Windows – Complete In-Depth Guide

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Method 3: Installing Garageband using Android Emulator

As we are using software from the third party to use mac software to install on windows device, we are in this method using another third-party software called as Bluestacks which is an android emulator.

This emulator gives you the ability to use apps on your Windows devices and we will use it to install Garageband on pc.

Steps involved are:

  1. Visit the link and download the latest version of GarageBand for Windows devices
  2. Run the downloaded installer and complete the installation
  3. Open the installed software and wait to open
  4. Now log in to your Google account, if you don’t have a google account create one
  5. After an opening search for Garageband band in the search bar
  6. Find GarageBand and click on install
  7. The software will download and install the software on your device and you can use it once it is done

Conclusion – GarageBand For PC

With the popularity of the GarageBand because of its useful tools for audio editing, made it exceptional to all other software’s available in the market and these methods that are listed about GarageBand For Windows PC above will help for windows user to use the software with is only developed of Apple devices officially.

How To Fix Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver Error In Windows 8/8.1/10 ?

How To Fix Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver Error In Windows 8/8.1/10 ?

Thread_stuck_in_device_driver error is another type of BSOD- Blue Screen Of Death error. It is also known by the name ‘the infamous infinite loop problem’. 0x000000EA is the STOP error code of this error. This error occurs quite frequently due to faulty video card driver or damaged video card. But how do you know whether you have a thread_stuck_in_device_driver error or not?

  • It crashes the active program window.
  • The message STOP: error 0x000000EA is displayed.
  • Your PC regularly freezes for a few seconds whenever you’re using it.
  • The OS runs sluggishly and responds very slowly to mouse or keyboard inputs.

In most cases, you will experience Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver blue screen errors after you’ve installed new hardware or software. These Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver blue screens can appear during program installation, while a Microsoft Corporation-related software program (eg. Windows Operating System) is running, while a Windows driver is being loaded, or during Windows startup or shutdown. Keeping track of when and where your STOP error occurs is a critical piece of information in troubleshooting the problem.


Causes Of Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver Error:

There can be numerous reasons for the surfacing of an error in a computer system. Out of the endless list of causes, a few have been listed down for your reference:

  • Incorrectly configured, old, or corrupted device drivers.
  • Memory (i.e, RAM) corruption.
  • A damaged hard disk.
  • Corruption in Windows registry.
  • Virus or malware attack that has corrupted Windows system files or Windows Operating System-related program files.
  • Driver conflict after installing new hardware.
  • Damaged or removed system files.

How To Fix Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver Error In Windows 8/8.1/10 ?

Fix 1: Perform A Complete Malware Scan On Your PC

There is a probability that the Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver error could be related to a malware infection on your computer. This malicious malware could damage, corrupt, or even delete Blue Screen Of Death Errors-related files. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that the error you are experiencing is related to a component of the malicious program itself. Therefore, using a quality malware, do a thorough scan of your system. You can use PC Repair Tool for scanning. Click Here to Download PC Repair Tool

Fix 2: Perform A System Junk Cleanup

Over the period of intense usage, your computer accumulates junk files because of regular computer use. If this junk is not periodically chucked out, it can cause the Windows operating system to respond sluggishly or displays a Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver error. This is due to file conflicts or an overloaded hard drive. Cleaning up these junkies with Disk Cleanup will solve not only the error, but also dramatically speeds up the performance of your system.

Fix 3: Update PC Drivers

This error’s occurrence may be because of corrupt or outdated device drivers. Drivers work fine one day, but suddenly stop working the next day because of a wide variety reasons. Yet you can still handle this problem by often updating the device driver to fix the BSOD error.
It is a known fact that finding the exact driver for rectifying the error can be extremely difficult. Even if you are experienced at finding, downloading, and manually updating drivers, the process can still be very intimidating and time consuming. To top it all, installing the wrong driver, or just an incompatible/wrong version of the existing right driver, can make problems worse. Because of the above problems involved in updating drivers, it is highly recommend that you use a driver update tool such as DriverDoc to automate the process. This tool updates all of your PC’s device drivers, not just those associated with the Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver error. With updated device drivers, you can finally unlock new hardware features and improve the speed and performance of your PC.

Fix 4: Keep Windows Up-to-date

Microsoft is constantly updating and improving Windows system files that could be associated with not only Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver error but also any BSOD errors. Sometimes resolving the BSOD errors can be as easy as updating Windows with the latest pack that Microsoft releases. In order to check for Windows Updates:

  • Click the Start button.
  • Type update into the search box and hit Enter.
  • When the Windows Update dialog box will appear, click the Install Updates button if updates are available.

If this doesn’t help, then move on to the next step.

Fix 5: Look For Hard Drive Corruption

In some cases these BSODs can also occur because of some hard drive corruption.

A computer can develop errors on the hard disk drive due to unintentional misuse, improper shut downs, corrupt or incomplete installation of software, and power outages. As a result, you may experience blue screen errors associated with Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver. Running “chkdsk” on command prompt may uncover and repair the cause of your BSOD.

  • Click the Start button.
  • Type command in the search box.
  • While holding CTRL-Shift, hit ENTER.
  • You will be prompted with a permission dialog box. Click Yes.
  • Command prompt pops up.
  • Type “chkdsk /f” and hit ENTER. This will begin the scan for hard disk corruption that could be causing the error.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen commands.

If you aware of other methods to fix the Thread_Stuck_in_Device_Driver error in Windows, please put them down in the comments section below.

Top News Apps Of 2018

Top News Apps Of 2018

Every day the technology takes a step leading to its advancement and success. No doubt these technologies has made our life much simpler and faster. Today we don’t have much to focus on the manual hands, rather these machines do work in a second.
You might have all used a number of glorious apps in your life, whether it is a gaming app or the work-oriented apps. But here in this article, I will talk about news apps and while focussing on it a strange question comes to our mind. Why these apps? Why blink our eyes before the Android screen when there is already an option of blinking before the newspapers? Well, it is a common saying that our attention is diverted towards that particular thing where we have better options available to us than the previous one and the same thing fits here. There are demerits of newspapers that insist us to focus on the apps.

news app


  1. Newspapers do not compete with the current happenings across the globe and for knowing the updates, we have to wait for a couple of period of time to get it displayed.
    2. In the world of Internet advertisers less focus on publishing their advertisements in the newspaper.
    3. In the newspaper, the contents are sometimes twisted and screwed up and this also insists us to divert our mind from it.
    4. Your competitors which are sitting just behind can easily know the prices of your products and can easily come up their ideas to increase their sale.


  1. INKL: – The app is compatible with both Android and iOS and it let you read only the informative contents. Many news apps publish fantasy articles only to attract the user’s attention but this app is quite different. It is completely ad-free and the contents are much easier to read.

Download here INKL

  1. GOOGLE NEW AND WEATHER: – Well, if you want to keep yourself update with the weather changes around you and your surrounding, here is this app that will fulfill all your desires. Suppose if you want to know the weather condition of a particular city, then this app will let you know about the condition. What the most interesting part is that it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

google news


  1. AOL MAIL NEWS AND VIDEO: – This app picks us fresh contents from all around the world and then present it to the user in an interesting fashion. With the innovative contents and the beautiful page, design insists the user go fully through the contents. Articles supported with videos add extra to its marvelous features.



  1. AWESUMMLY: – This app has created a benchmark for another news app and it has achieved what other fails to achieve in this limited period of time. The app summarizes the whole of the content in just five to six sentences just to fascinate the user towards the lengthy articles. It also allows the user to share the contents and also ensures offline reading of the informative facts and figures.



Read News on the awesummly news website.

  1. Flipboard: – What the most interesting part of this app is its beautiful page design and its way of presenting the articles with high-quality images. The working principle of this app is much similar to Feedly but in terms of presentation, it has got a number of differences.


Download here Flipboard

How to use folx for downloading software

How to use folx for downloading software

Are you familiar with that terrible feeling when you need to make lots of downloads simultaneously but you realize that this procedure is time-consuming and too boring? It seems like each user knows what this is. Nevertheless, we want to stick out for the thing that if you think like this, you still haven’t chosen the right software, which will do this work for you. In this review, we’ll assay Folx and find out how to control all those multiple upload reports on your computer.

Folx – a Reliable Download Manager for Mac Users

If you still haven’t worked with the apps like this, you ought to know about its functionality. The overriding concern of this software is to provide Mac users with an opportunity to download various files faster.

In sober fact, dealing with upload reports is a time-robbing assignment. Sudden breaks or unsustainable internet connection can stop your work at the most inappropriate moment. That is why, if you wish to avoid this, you ought to equip yourself with high-quality and reputable programs.

Through the use of Folx – download manager for Mac, you’ll forget about all issues related to unsuccessful downloads. If you deal with multiple upload reports, the app allows you to assign definite tags to files. This functionality allows you to seek necessary items faster.

Users of Folx are provided with extensions, allowing users to integrate them into such browsers as FireFox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

In order to speed the work, Folx uses the following algorithm: it subdivides files into several threads. If the process is broken, it will be restored as soon as possible.

How to Use Folx?

Here is the deep instruction on how to use this program. When you install the app, you’ll see the home screen which is subdivided into several parts. Users can easily flip between them. You can select what type of files you wish to view on the screen (all, paused or scheduled downloads). It is also possible to filter the received files.

Some users consider Folx to be the best torrent client because its main feature is to give users a fair opportunity to download files from torrents. To do this, one needs to open the app, press “+” button and choose the “Torrent” tab. The drop-down menus will help you identify your preferences. There is also the default search bar, which is used with the aim to seek torrents.

Except for this feature, one can download videos from YouTube or other URLs as well. If you need to make use of this option, you should find the necessary URL and paste it into the bar. Think about the name of the new file and add some tags (if necessary).

If you need to download one or another video file from YouTube, you can do this with the help of Folx. To do this, you should select the YouTube tab and add the link. There is also a menu, where you can specify the necessary resolution.

Through the use of Folx, you won’t face any difficulties with file downloading. Even if the internet connection is far from perfect, the app will continue working (when the connection will be re-established).