ZbigZ is always the best choice for downloading the torrent files with high speed and less complexity. But as we know the high speed is mainly for ZbigZ premium members and free ZbigZ users receives the original speed and so not much beneficial. Due to this people started looking for ZbigZ alternative. Here in this article, we will look for 5 best ZbigZ alternatives to be used. Most of these are free ZbigZ alternative.

ZbigZ alternative

If you are a premium ZbigZ user, then you will experience high downloading speed for torrent sites. But for free ZbigZ users like me, the max torrent downloading speed goes up to 150KBPS which is not at all recommended.

And so we started thinking of the best ZbigZ alternative and here are the top 5 ZbigZ alternatives for torrent downloading. You can also use these ZbigZ alternatives to download torrent files using IDM.

Most of the top ZbigZ alternatives we will discuss here are free and provides high torrent downloading speed. You can just signup on these ZbigZ alternatives and start using high-speed torrent download.

Let’s start with ZbigZ alternative!

ZbigZ Alternative- 5 Best

These are 5 best and free ZbigZ alternatives you can use. I have compiled this list of ZbigZ alternative based on the torrent downloading speed, whether these are free or not and the uptime. Many free ZbigZ users have experienced downtime with the site and so we have considered uptime as one of the top measuring factors.

BitPort.io – ZbigZ Alternative No. 1

BitPort is a leading ZbigZ alternative where you won’t have to worry about the cloud storage and the torrent downloading. You can also directly stream the torrent videos from PC/MAC/iPhone/Android Mobile. BitPort also uses SSL and so your ISP won’t be able to track your activities you do online.


BitPort is a leading service provider for torrent caching and downloading online by IDM. You can try their free service as and when you want.

Here are some of the features of BitPort you need to see.

Features of BitPort

  • Stream torrents online
  • Download torrents to your cloud
  • It is a fully secured SSL connection
  • Bitcoin is also accepted as a payment method
  • They use antivirus for all the files and so you are secure

Till 1 GB, BitPort is free but if you need more cloud storage, you may need to go with their premium plans which start at $5 per month. The company also offers 30-days money back guarantee as well.

Offcloud – ZbigZ Alternative No. 2

Offcloud is one of the most powerful and secure ways to download the content from the web on the cloud. The downloading methods include the torrent as well. You can say Offcloud as you cloud based download manager.


Features of Offcloud

  • Instant Downloads
  • Cloud Backup
  • Remote Upload
  • Integrations to Many APIs and Tools

You will find the direct integrations with YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and many other such tools and sites. Offcloud offers free account where you can submit 3 file-hosting, streaming or BitTorrent links, every month.

Their premium plan comes at $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year. They have a single plan for all and you can end the contract as and when you want. Offcloud is considered as one of the best alternatives to ZbigZ.

Filestream.me – ZbigZ Alternative No. 3

Filestream is a free ZbigZ alternative you can use. Despite being free, it has excellent servers and downloads speed. You can download Torrent videos at 1GBPS with Filestream which is a huge speed for sure.


It is a cloud based download manager offering unlimited traffic which enables you to download at very high speed. This enables you to download any heavy torrent file easily saving much of your time.

Features of Filestream

  • Cloud based torrent download manager with unlimited traffic support
  • Download torrents and magnets up to 100GB size
  • Download from hundreds of other sources like video streaming and file sharing sites
  • Choose individual files from torrent archives
  • Online streaming supported
  • Android and iOS clients available
  • Pricing starts at $1.75/month ONLY!

Filestream is definitely one of the best alternatives to ZbigZ which you can use in just $1.75 per month or even free.

Filesloop.com- ZbigZ Alternative No. 4

Filesloop is another free ZbigZ alternative which is free, fast, and secure. Even Filesloop premium server is far better than the ZbigZ premium server and is more powerful as well.


The filesloop premium account has no limitation on the downloading speed and you can download as many items as you want with whatever bandwidth required. You can get the real-time speed of even 50GBPS with a free plan which is really recommendable. So, if you are looking for a cheap ZbigZ alternative, then Filesloop is for you.

You can find the plans for 30/60/90/180 days with Filesloop which you can buy depending on your requirements. You can buy it using any payment methods including Bitcoins. They have a responsive interface and you can download anything from any device using Mobile/Tablets/iPhones/iPads/Android phones.

Filesloop is free till 1 TB and if you need more features and speed then join their premium plan which starts at $5.9 per month.

PutDrive.com- ZbigZ Alternative No. 5

PutDrive is another major ZbigZ alternative which you can consider. It provides an ultimate solution to download files from 90+ File hosting service. Their interface and the working are similar to the ZbigZ and so if you have used ZbigZ then you can simply use PutDrive.


It also provides unlimited download speed and uploads speed. You can enjoy Unlimited Premium Torrent download service for one month at 12.99€ only. PutDrive has one of the most stable servers in the industry and so provides stable download speed.

Features of PutDrive

  • It supports 90+ file sharing sites as well as Torrents. Download from any file sharing sites with the same account.
  • Download speed is awesome. You will get the maximum speed provided by your INTERNET SERVICE provider. I got around 10 MBPS download speed.


These were the best ZbigZ alternatives you can use. Most of these provide free plans to be used and so you can try them and if you need more features and bandwidth, you can go with the paid plans.

Which one do you use for downloading Torrent videos?

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Top 5 ZbigZ Alternatives For High Speed Torrent Downloading
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