WWE Immortals All Characters List

WWE Immortal is one of best game which enhances your gaming experience to a step higher. It is a perfect touch-based mortal combat game which enables you to enhance your gaming experience with your favorite WWE Immortal characters such as Imagine Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena and much more.

You will have to face different wrestlers as Immortal characters and to unlock them at different levels. Just play with WWE Immortals all characters and enjoy various wins by playing strategically. This perfect gaming app is easily available for all operating systems whether it is iOS as well as Android.

Just enjoy the gaming with the real versions of the Superstars and Divas into a Mortal combat. The best part of the combat is the involvement of WWE Immortals new characters to the game. And you can use these WWE players and characters with their maximum powers by having maximum credits and stamina for them. You should visit here if you want more stamina and credits while playing WWE Immortals game.

Just start playing the game as soon as you get the launch roster on your device. It is the perfect blend of current WWE talent with the legendary names of the past. Various wrestlers of the games are also available in multiple versions each having its own unique look and special features.

All the WWE characters of the game are available in three tiers which are Bronze, Silver, and Gold as per their performance in the game. If you wanted to have some of the best Immortal characters; you can easily get them by purchasing directly using the Immortal credits which are the in-game currency. The developers are continuously trying to add various updates to the game so we are providing you here the updated list of all the WWE Immortal characters along with their special abilities in the game. Just have a look;

WWE Immortals Bronze Characters

  • Centurion Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns has gained Rigorous Training and his gains increase the speed when he is below 40% Health.
  • Ice Witch Brie Bella: Brie Bella includes Frost Shield and she provides a 5% Health increase to her teammates whenever required.
  • Pyromancer Nikki Bella: Nikki Bella includes Pyromancer and she boosts her team’s Damage by 5%.
  • Giant Big Show: It features Big Landing and he deals damage when tagging in. The landing damage increases with the increase in the health of Big Show’s Max.
  • The Demon Kane: Kane owns the Demonic Power. He is capable of dealing 15% increased Damage whenever he tags in with less than 20% Health.
  • YES! Movement Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan is a Technical Expertise and he uses a special move which enables him to make a win over his opponents. He has 30% increased Speed for a limited time.
  • White Witch Trish Stratus: Trish Stratus is actually expertise in Stratusfying Management and he is capable of boosting the Health of her male teammates by 5%.
  • Ancient Druid Sheamus: Druid Sheamus has an amazing feature of Mystic Offense which enables him and his team by having 10% increased Speed.
  • Dark Sorceress Paige: Sorceress Paige is also known as Queen of Ravens. She uses a signature attack and makes her teammates regenerate Adrenaline 15% more quickly for a limited time period.
  • Strongman Big E: Big E has got Strength Training. He mainly expertise in blocking attacks of his opponents. During such attacks, Big E has 10% chance to gain a buff which enhances his attacks by 25% so that to get unblockable for 6 seconds.
  • Viper Randy Orton: Randy Orton has the power of Viper Strikes. He is capable of dealing the damage over time to his opponents with all of his attacks.


WWE Immortals Silver Characters

  • Solar Assassin Nikki Bella: Solar Assassin have the power named Sun Aura which perfectly works from the time period of 6 am until 6 pm. It got charged up when Nikki tags in and got surrounded by a burning Sun Aura which helps her in dealing with the damage over time.
  • The Authority Triple H: Triple H is best to be used for Business. He and his team gain a 10% Damage increase for each gold character on their team; it means that more will be the number of gold characters, more will be the chances of rising in damage increase.
  • Banshee Knight Paige: Knight Paige is also known as the Mistress of Death. Each time you used her as a finisher; she grants her teammates a burst of Adrenaline.
  • Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar: Brock Lesnar is a Conqueror who is capable of dealing 15% increased Damage after defeating an opponent.
  • Lunar Guardian Brie Bella: Brie Bella has the power of Moon Shield which works efficiently from 6 pm to6 am. When your tags in Brie in the game, she gains a shield that reduces Damage taken by 50%.
  • Celtic Warrior Sheamus: Warrior Sheamus has the power of Mystic Defense which offers him and his teammates a 10% increased Health.
  • Deadman Undertaker: Deadman Undertaker is also most commonly known as Deadman. In each and every match, the Undertaker will rise from the grave once with 33% Health and max Adrenaline.
  • Stone Watcher The Rock: The Rock owns the power of Electrifying Tactics which enables him to get 25% more damage with his basic combos each time he hits with a signature attack.
  • Soldier John Cena: John Cena is one of the extreme powerful players of WWE Immortal who says My Time Is Now. When Cena tags in, his next special attack will deal 20% additional Damage.
  • Pantheon Big E: Big E has got the Blessing of Strength. Whenever he goes for using his Signature Attack 1, he grants a buff to his teammates that increases their Damage by 33% for 10 seconds.
  • Icebound Watcher Stone Cold: Stone Cold has the power of Ice Cold Vengeance. When Stone Cold’s Health drops below 50%, he gains a Vengeance Buff. This buff grants him 50% Life Steal for his next Signature Attack.
  • The Authority Stephanie McMahon: Stephanie McMohan has the superpower of Forced Loyalty. He provides a bonus to her team’s Damage. The strength of this buff increases with the loss of his Health, which ultimately help in allowing her team to deal up with 100% more Damage.
  • Arena Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Warrior has the real Spirit of the Warrior. Whenever his Health drops drop below 40%, he will trigger a boost that grants him either 25% Adrenaline Regen or 1.75% Health Regen for 8 seconds.
  • Back Alley Brawler Dean Ambrose: Dean Ambrose is only available for the silver packs and is quite capable of causing a great damage to his opponents. It takes 10% reduced damage from basic attacks.

WWE Immortals Gold Characters

  • NO! NO! NO! Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan has got the Building Momentum which means that more he got dominant on this opponent more damage he will cause on them. Whenever Bryan performs a signature attack, he gains 30% Speed and deals 30% more Damage.
  • Angelic Knight Trish Stratus: Knight Trish is also known as White Aegis. Each time Trish blocks damage equal to 10% of her Health, she grants her team a bonus 25% Adrenaline regeneration for 6 seconds.
  • Evolved John Cena: John Cena has a strong Will to Win. Cena deals bonus Damage with his basic attacks as he loses Health.
  • King of Kings Triple H: Triple H is also known as Cerebral Assassin. He enables his opponent to lose Adrenaline each time he KOs an opponent.
  • Lumberjack Big Show: Big Show means Big Defense. Once you have tagged in Big Show in the game; it takes 65% reduced Damage for 6 seconds.
  • Necromancer Undertaker: Undertaker is the Soul Collector of the WWE Immortal game. Undertaker gains a 25% Damage increase every time when an enemy is knocked out.
  • Hound of Justice Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns is also termed as the Powerhouse of the WWE Immortal games. He gains 50% Damage increase when he’s below 40% Health.
  • Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold: Stone Cold is an Anti-Hero. He is capable of gaining a stack of Anger each time being hit by an opponent’s Signature Attack. Each stack of Anger increases his Signature Damage by 20%. Anger can stack up to 3 times.
  • Enlightened Big Show: Big Show has the feature of Tranquility. Once you have tagged him in, Big Show grants his other teammates 1% life regeneration per second for 6 seconds, or until he tags out.
  • Renegade Macho Man: Macho Man is quite capable of Spreading Madness. Whenever he goes for using his Signature Attack 1; it drains 15% Adrenaline from the enemy team.
  • Jungle Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Warrior is actually an Intimidation. Whenever Ultimate Warrior tags in, he disables his opponent’s passives for 10 seconds.
  • Evolved Randy Orton: Randy Orton is also known as the Legend Killer. He is capable of dealing with the more damage every time he uses Kos a Gold tier enemy. He got 100% Health Boost, 10% Damage Boost and 10% energy Regeneration so that to deal hard with the opponents.


WWE Immortals All Characters List
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