Are you familiar with that terrible feeling when you need to make lots of downloads simultaneously but you realize that this procedure is time-consuming and too boring? It seems like each user knows what this is. Nevertheless, we want to stick out for the thing that if you think like this, you still haven’t chosen the right software, which will do this work for you. In this review, we’ll assay Folx and find out how to control all those multiple upload reports on your computer.

Folx – a Reliable Download Manager for Mac Users

If you still haven’t worked with the apps like this, you ought to know about its functionality. The overriding concern of this software is to provide Mac users with an opportunity to download various files faster.

In sober fact, dealing with upload reports is a time-robbing assignment. Sudden breaks or unsustainable internet connection can stop your work at the most inappropriate moment. That is why, if you wish to avoid this, you ought to equip yourself with high-quality and reputable programs.

Through the use of Folx – download manager for Mac, you’ll forget about all issues related to unsuccessful downloads. If you deal with multiple upload reports, the app allows you to assign definite tags to files. This functionality allows you to seek necessary items faster.

Users of Folx are provided with extensions, allowing users to integrate them into such browsers as FireFox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

In order to speed the work, Folx uses the following algorithm: it subdivides files into several threads. If the process is broken, it will be restored as soon as possible.

How to Use Folx?

Here is the deep instruction on how to use this program. When you install the app, you’ll see the home screen which is subdivided into several parts. Users can easily flip between them. You can select what type of files you wish to view on the screen (all, paused or scheduled downloads). It is also possible to filter the received files.

Some users consider Folx to be the best torrent client because its main feature is to give users a fair opportunity to download files from torrents. To do this, one needs to open the app, press “+” button and choose the “Torrent” tab. The drop-down menus will help you identify your preferences. There is also the default search bar, which is used with the aim to seek torrents.

Except for this feature, one can download videos from YouTube or other URLs as well. If you need to make use of this option, you should find the necessary URL and paste it into the bar. Think about the name of the new file and add some tags (if necessary).

If you need to download one or another video file from YouTube, you can do this with the help of Folx. To do this, you should select the YouTube tab and add the link. There is also a menu, where you can specify the necessary resolution.

Through the use of Folx, you won’t face any difficulties with file downloading. Even if the internet connection is far from perfect, the app will continue working (when the connection will be re-established).

How to use folx for downloading software
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