Every day the technology takes a step leading to its advancement and success. No doubt these technologies has made our life much simpler and faster. Today we don’t have much to focus on the manual hands, rather these machines do work in a second.
You might have all used a number of glorious apps in your life, whether it is a gaming app or the work-oriented apps. But here in this article, I will talk about news apps and while focussing on it a strange question comes to our mind. Why these apps? Why blink our eyes before the Android screen when there is already an option of blinking before the newspapers? Well, it is a common saying that our attention is diverted towards that particular thing where we have better options available to us than the previous one and the same thing fits here. There are demerits of newspapers that insist us to focus on the apps.

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  1. Newspapers do not compete with the current happenings across the globe and for knowing the updates, we have to wait for a couple of period of time to get it displayed.
    2. In the world of Internet advertisers less focus on publishing their advertisements in the newspaper.
    3. In the newspaper, the contents are sometimes twisted and screwed up and this also insists us to divert our mind from it.
    4. Your competitors which are sitting just behind can easily know the prices of your products and can easily come up their ideas to increase their sale.


  1. INKL: – The app is compatible with both Android and iOS and it let you read only the informative contents. Many news apps publish fantasy articles only to attract the user’s attention but this app is quite different. It is completely ad-free and the contents are much easier to read.

Download here INKL

  1. GOOGLE NEW AND WEATHER: – Well, if you want to keep yourself update with the weather changes around you and your surrounding, here is this app that will fulfill all your desires. Suppose if you want to know the weather condition of a particular city, then this app will let you know about the condition. What the most interesting part is that it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

google news


  1. AOL MAIL NEWS AND VIDEO: – This app picks us fresh contents from all around the world and then present it to the user in an interesting fashion. With the innovative contents and the beautiful page, design insists the user go fully through the contents. Articles supported with videos add extra to its marvelous features.



  1. AWESUMMLY: – This app has created a benchmark for another news app and it has achieved what other fails to achieve in this limited period of time. The app summarizes the whole of the content in just five to six sentences just to fascinate the user towards the lengthy articles. It also allows the user to share the contents and also ensures offline reading of the informative facts and figures.



Read News on the awesummly news website.

  1. Flipboard: – What the most interesting part of this app is its beautiful page design and its way of presenting the articles with high-quality images. The working principle of this app is much similar to Feedly but in terms of presentation, it has got a number of differences.


Download here Flipboard

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