Top 20 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC [Latest 2018 Collection]
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iOS Emulators for Windows – First of All, Hello to all Windows PC users who are looking to run iOS Apps on Windows PC or looking for the perfect solution and guide on best iOS Emulators for Windows pc. Today you are going to learn the simplest and perfect ways to run any iOS apps that you only can run on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or Mac but now there is a solution for all of us.

Where we can use some top-notch iOS Emulators and run any iOS App or Game on Windows PC and as we had already shared the proper guide on iOS Emulators for Android which you can follow to run iOS Apps on Android smartphone or Tablet.

Well, you must understand that Emulators are virtual programs that create different OS environment for different operating systems. iPhone Emulator for Windows is similar to these programs because after installing iOS Emulators on Windows PC, it developers an iOS Environment on Windows operating system and this is why you can run iOS apps on Windows PC.

These emulators follow the technique of virtualization technology and this technology is responsible for developing the virtual online machines that help windows users to enjoy iOS apps on their Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, & Windows 7 based computer systems.

iOS Emulators for Windows – Top 20 List of Best iOS Emulators for Windows 

Today we are going to represent you the list of Best iOS Emulators for Windows and laptops that can run on Windows. You can then enjoy all your favorite iOS apps and games on your Windows PC too. YES, some of our beloved competitors are providing same iOS Emulators for Windows users but we tried our level best to explain their capabilities to all of you so you can understand these iOS Emulators on Windows PC and then you can take proper advantage from these iPad emulators on Windows.

So below you can select any iphone emulator for pc and each one of them are great and best in the market and this is why they got the place on this list. We have tested them one by one on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating system.

So you don’t need to worry about the version of Windows you are using because these iOS Emulators works fine on all Windows operating systems.

iDos Emulator

iDos Emulator works perfectly find as iOS Emulator and it will give you the perfect iOS experience on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 operating system based PC. For now iDos Emulator has not been getting updates but soon it will get updates for new features.

Download iDos Emulator


Xamarin is one of the premium and latest iOS Emulator for Windows in the market that you can emulate iOS apps on your PC. It is mainly used by app developers to test the apps on cross-platforms. It is compatible with iOS apps on Windows platform. By using visual studio, IDE developers can debug iOS Apps on Windows PCs.

Download Xamarin Emulator


iMAME is one of the best emulator for gaming and with its aid, it is easy for you to download and run any iOS apps and games that are available on iPhone and iPad. It will emulate various types of iOS games and you will play iOS 11 or iOS 10 games via iMAME.

Download iMAME Emulator


If you want to taste a premium iOS feel on Windows than one of the best iOS Emulator for Windows is the ripple iOS Emulator. It is often used for testing of apps and games for developers. Ripple is available in Google Chrome extension, that you can use as an iOS Emulator on your browser and enjoy iOS apps.

Download Ripple Emulator

Electric Mobile Studio

This emulator known as the best iPad Emulator for Windows devices and Electric Mobile Studio emulator is considered as quite expensive one, but plenty of iOS users take it as a premium and high quality emulator.

Download Electric Mobile Studio

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is quite popular emulator for providing best support and easy to understand user interface. This emulator can run any iOS app smoothly and very easy to download and install on Windows PC.

Apple Co. owned this emulator because it works perfect and providing one of the best emulator experience and being an Apple product, Xamarin can give you real iOS feel.

Download Xamarin Test flight emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

We already share a complete in-depth guide on 3DS Emulator and you can check out that guide to know more details about Nintendo 3DS Emulator and you will learn and can download and install this amazing iOS emulator than can run Nintendo 3D Games on your Windows PC or Android phones.

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is the most powerful if you want to have an emulator that helps you to run iPhone games on your Windows PC. The best thing we found about this simulator is that it comes with premium graphics. And if you want to use it, then it comes for free of cost and you can create a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC using iPhone simulator.

Download iPhone Simulator

iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is an best emulator as extension in Google Chrome Browser because it acts as both cloud OS as well as simulator. You will taste all apple features via iPad Simulator such as all iOS apps and Siri voice assistant. You can take it as a virtual clone of iPad that can use as an iOS Emulator for Windows Computer.

Download ipad Simulator

AIR iPhone

Air iPhone provides you the perfect virtual iPhone on your Windows PC that allows you to see the actual screen and Air iPhone also supports Adobe AIR Framework that is very helpful for all Windows users. Air iPhone recreate the iPhone user interface, and all you need to do is to install Air Framework to run this smoothly.

Download Air phone is an alternative of but plenty of users believe that is far better and premium that the It is quite popular amongst Android and iOS app developers and they used it for cloud storage with the help of this emulator.



iPadian is one of the most popular and best iPad emulator for Windows and it provides you the real feel of and iPad on Android or Windows devices. While using this emulator you can easily get apple features such as Siri, TVos, iMessages and Watch OS.

It comes with quite premium user interface and easy to use options that results tons of people using it as their favorite iOS emulator for Windows and Android.

Download iPadian


Smartface is the best iPhone emulator for Windows because it is widely used by windows users as well as cross-platforms on iOS apps via iOS and Android Apps developers. Smartphone is perfectly utilized by the iOS developers to test any iOS Apps. You can choose two versions Free Version and Paid Version depending on your choice.

Download Smartface is one of the best iOS Emulators for windows in the emulators market these days, YES it has some competitors like that works fine in the market. Best advantage of this emulator is, it is quite basic and easy to understand use. All you need is to sync the iOS.appi bundle or the Android .APK file with this, and you are ready to go.

MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is one of the best Apple Emulators for PC and it allows users to run iOS apps and games on Windows PC. Officially, the MobiOne discontinued the service so you won’t get any updates but still you can use it.

Download Mobione Studio


iFBA is a multi-arcade iOS Emulator designed and developed by Yoyofr. iFBA is quite popular among jailbroken retro gamers but it’s rately been avaialable on non-jailbroken iOS devices. The version we are going to share with has tons of features, and some of them didn’t work because they require you to be jailbroken, but still you can enjoy most of its features on your non-jailbroken device.

Download iFBa Emulator


GBA4iOS can run iOS apps on windows and it is quite vigorous to install after the latest version has been come on iOS operating system. This emulator helps users to play classic popular and classic games including Super Nintendo, Atati on iPhone or iPad.

You can check out GBA4iOS guide that we have already share on this blog, and you will everything about this emulator and then you can run GBA4iOS easily.

Download GBA4iOS Emulator


GearBoy is another premium and users favorite iOS emulator for Windows users because it provides you the exact virtual feel of real iOS device. GearBoy can be download for free of cost and we have shared a complete guide on this iOS Emulator for our users.

Download GearBoy

Happy Chick

Happy Chick is one of the top best gaming iOS emulator in the world for Android and iOS devices and via Android emulators users can use it on Windows PC easily. It is highly recommended by millions of users worldwide.

It is absolutely free to use for all users and you will not be voiding any laws by using this emulator for free. It will make your life easier if you are an app developer.

Download Happy Chick Emulator


YES you can find every iOS Emulators on Windows here on this blog and same like this emulator, NDS4iOS has been discussed last time and you can check the complete in-depth guide on NDS4iOS there and you will learn everything about NDS4iOS and then you can download NDS4iOS too to run any iOS app on Windows PC.

Download NDS4iOS Emulator

The Benefits of Using iOS Emulators for Windows

Here in this section, we are going to cover the most awaited section for all of you and everything we are using should have some benefits of using it because we are giving our precious time on it. And here we are going to discuss he benefit of using iOS emulator for windows.

Emulators are designed and developed for iOS and Android developers because by these emulators they can test their apps on different platforms so the app will not affect the user experience while using it. Emulators are capable to run apps on one or many operating systems such as iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.

The best thing about “iOS Emulators for Windows” is you can enjoy each and every feature of iOS operating system for free of cost without a single penny on buying iPhone or iPad to feel the iOS operating system. We can upgrade them with SBK and the iPhone App Emulators are very easy to use and user interface are quite easy to understand to start iOS operating system.

Difference between Emulators Vs. Simulators

Emulators are virtual software’s that are used to run different operating system on different environment based native operating system based device. iOS Emulators for windows can create an iOS environment for running iPhone Apps on Windows PC.

Simulators also designed and develops for differentiate OS environment, but they do not try to create a copy of different hardware as emulators do on Windows PCs or on Android. Due to this feature simulators fail to run some iOS and Android apps. Most of us prefer iOS Emulators over simulators. Most developers use emulators to test the iOS and Android apps on different platforms.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you find this article helpful on best iOS Emulators for Windows operating system based devices. We have tried our level best to provide you the quality emulators for windows operating system.

If you like this post then do comment in the comment section below and if you have any query, feedback or question in mind then we would love to listen from your side. If you like this article then please shares it with your friends and family members so they also can use iOS apps on Windows OS.