So, far we have discussed a lot about IOS Emulator, iOS emulator for Android and much more. Now it’s time to explore iOS emulator for Windows.

You don’t have iPhone/Mac and you want to play, test and develop iOS games over windows then iOS emulator is the best option to perform the same.

run ios apps on windows

Top IOS Emulator for Windows

Since you are going to start using an iOS emulator so you must know below things before going through any iOS emulator. If you are looking to run ios apps on Windows phone, then you can sue ios emulator for windows.

iOS emulator- An Overview

We have written a detailed post on IOS Emulator but let me just brief it here as well. iOS emulator is an electronic program which enables one system to behave like a different system called the guest. You can run software and apps in the guest system. The purpose of designing emulator is that developers can test apps and other programs.

iOS emulator is like an apple device which will make your device work as an Apple product.

iOS emulator allows the windows system to run any apple games on it.

Why we use iOS emulator

iOS emulator is a helpful device for developers. Without investing money to buy new iPhone/MacBook, you can test your apps and other programs using an iOS emulator.

Gamers can play their favorite iPhone supported games over the android phone using an iOS emulator. Using iOS emulator, you can easily access any apple apps and games on your windows PC just like you run on apple devices. It helps you to find the issues during the early phase of development and testing. It helps in learning about Xcode and iOS development experience if you are not a member of iOS developer program.

The best thing is, ios emulators are not only available for Windows but also for Android and other PCs. You can check ios emulator for android for more details and will discuss ios emulators for windows here.

Minimum requirements to use iOS emulator for windows

Although to use ios emulators for windows, we don’t need any additional configuration like ios emulator for android but let’s see the basic requirements

  • Minimum RAM should be 512 MB.
  • CPU must be minimum 1 GHz.
  • The version of the operating system should be 2.3 or higher.
  • USB host mode.
  • Minimum storage space requirement is 61 MB.
  • High Definition Multimedia video out with secondary frame buffer

Advantages of using iOS emulator for Windows

An ios emulator for windows has different number of advantages-

  • Emulators are free to use.
  • Installation of iOS emulator is easy and quick.
  • There is no requirement for high-tech systems or processes.
  • User-friendly.
  • Programming is very faster.

How to use an iOS emulator for windows

Follow the below steps to use an iOS emulator for Windows-

  • Download the iOS emulator APK file from the official website to your Computer/Windows phone.
  • If you have downloaded the file on computer then transfer the downloaded package file to windows phone using USB Cable, Bluetooth, and Tethering device.
  • Skip this step if you have downloaded the APK file directly to your windows phone.
  • Click on APK file to start the installation of the iOS emulator and wait for some time to finish the installation process.
  • Now Open the app. Load the games and enjoy playing iOS games over windows.

Top iOS emulator for windows

There are multiple iOS emulators which you can use for windows. In this section, I will explain 7 best iOS emulators for windows-

SmartFace – The top ios emulators for Windows

Smartface is a famous iOS emulator application which is mainly used to support development and testing of iOS games over windows. Once you launch this emulator it opens a Smartface app studio that allows you to emulate your iOS application on a windows PC with a single click. SmartFace provides a complete debugging option for developers.

This emulator is highly in use because of its reduced cost, high productivity, and less dependency. It also supports plugins and JavaScript library which is helpful for developers. You can download smartface app from iOS App store. The main aim of smartface is to test iOS applications in several different environments.

Steps to Install SmartFace iOS emulator for windows

  • Download ‘SmartFace in Action’ from the iOS app store.
  • Connect your iOS device to a windows
  • You must have Itunes application installed in your windows PC to recognize apple device.
  • Start developing an application using SmartFace app studio.

Install SmartFace iOS emulator

AirPhone Emulator: Another leading IOS Emulator for Windows 10

AirPhone is another iOS emulator for windows which provides your windows device looks like a virtual iPhone. The main advantage of using Airphone emulator is that it replicates the graphical user interface of iPhone.

You need air framework to run the application. After launching the air framework, it completely reproduces the iPhone but for testing purpose, it is not fully functional. You can access the few apps of apple like mail, weather, music but not all apps. You must try this emulator once as it is very smooth and has a good interface. You can download and use this emulator for free.

Steps to Install Airphone iOS emulator for windows

  • Download Airphone iOS emulator for windows PC from below link-
  • Double click on downloaded file and follow the instructions.
  • Once installation completed, open Airphone emulator.

Install Airphone iOS emulator

Xamarin Test Flight Emulator

This is one of best ios emulator for windows. People’s review about this emulator is very good. It comes with both free and paid version. The free version is not so effective but the paid version is very effective and comes with various features.

Developers find worth to use this. Xamarin emulator comes with the association of Apple to use your windows PC with iOS apps and test it in an effective manner. This emulator works only in windows 8 and its above versions.

Steps to Install Xamarin iOS emulator for windows

Xamarin can be installed as the part of Visual Studio 2017 Setup. To perform this follow below steps:

  • You can download Visual Studio from above link. Xamarin is supported in all the version of Visual Studio 2017.
  • The installation will start by double clicking on downloaded file.
  • Now select the ‘Mobile development with .NET’ from the installation screen.
  • Once it is installed, click on launch button to start Visual Studio 2017.
  • Configure the visual studio toolbar to easily access Xamarin.iOS features in visual studio.

Install Xamarin iOS emulator

Mobione Studio Emulator

Mobione studio emulator is most used iOS emulator by developers as it is one step ahead because it just not allows you to emulating apps rather it also allows you to develop apps. You can develop cross-platform apps using this emulator. This is not available for free.

If you want to use this then you must pay the cost and it will be worth to pay because you can test your developed apps without any trouble. In this, notification popup occurs on the desktop so this is the best part of this emulator. You can share web pages and links. Mobione app is built on popular HTML5 hybrid app model. The framework of Mobione has been developed using open source Cordova.

Steps to Install MobiOne Studio iOS emulator for Windows

    • Download MobiOne Studio from the above link
    • Run the downloaded exe file on windows PC.
    • Once Installation complete, you can run any apps on it.

Install MobiOne Studio iOS emulator

IPadian IOS Emulator

IPadian is one of the most popular emulators for windows that brings iOS user interface to Microsoft windows by giving an iPad kind of feeling. It will not change anything to your windows PC. It is a desktop application for windows, that opens a screen like an iPad user interface.

Steps to install iPadian iOS emulator for Windows

      • Download iPadian iOS emulator the above link
      • Run .exe file and follow the installation steps.
      • Once Installation is complete, run iPadian from your windows desktop.
      • You can search/browse apps and games from iPadian App store interface.
      • Now click on the app/game which you want to use.

install iPadian iOS emulator

iPhone Simulator

iPhone simulator is an application which allows you to test Apple iPhone’s interface without buying an apple iPhone. Since purchasing an iPhone is very expensive and big financial decision for some people. This has great quality graphics and very good features. Features include clock, calculator, notepad, and iOS system preferences.

You can also modify the wallpaper using this. There are few cons of iPhone simulator that includes iPhone simulator is unable to access the App store and some applications are disabled by default.

Steps to Install iPhone Simulator IOS Emulator for Windows 10

  • Start a web app within WebMatrix’s UI.
  • Click on Extensions icon. This will open a new window where you will easily find iPhone simulator.
  • Select iPhone simulator and click on install to start the installation
  • Click iPhone to launch the web app to a new iPhone simulator.

Install iPhone Simulator IOS Emulator is another famous and useful emulator which supports windows. allows you to run iOS apps on windows. You just need to upload an iOS bundle then your app will be hosted and streamed from secure cloud servers. After this, you can stream your app to any device. No need to worry about any download/setup.

The interface of is quite easy and user-friendly.

Steps to Install ios emulator for windows 10

      • Upload the bundle over site.
      • Now, your app will be hosted and will stream from cloud servers.
      • You can stream/run your app on any device.

Install ios emulator

Which IOS Emulator for Windows you use?

This was all about some of the best ios emulator for windows. The best thing with these ios emulators for windows 10 is, all are free and you won’t have to spend a dime to use.

These SDKs help you run ios apps on windows smoothly and ensures you are getting your purpose resolved. Also, you can easily complete your work using it clearly without the need of any external devices.

If you are a developer or a tester working on some IOS related apps, you must use these IOS Emulator for Windows and get rid of actual devices.

Another good thing to note here is, all these ios emulators shared here are compatible to the latest versions of windows starting from Windows 7.

I would love to know which ios emulator for windows 10 you use for your work?

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