When it comes to mobile operating system, Android is leading the segment. Also, there is lots of scope for the developers to work on this. Today, we will be discussing the infra part of Android device and will see how to partition SD card without PC.

This article on how to partition SD card without PC is dedicated to the Android devices and you will be able to partition your Android SD card without any issue.

How to Partition SD Card without PC

Why do you need to partition Android SD card?

Well, there is a solid reason behind this- To increase the internal memory. The more internal memory you will have in your mobile, the better performance you will get.

Usually, you will find an Android phone with more internal memory cost way higher. And so the best way to tackle such situation is to partition SD card. In this guide, you will learn how to partition SD card without PC easily. Also, all the tools I will be using here are free and don’t involve any technical expertise.

What is SD card partition?

In simple terms, SD card partition means, dividing the memory of SD card into two or more parts as required. In this post, we will see how to partition SD card without PC in two parts. You can also partition it in more than two parts but that involves some technical work which I am not considering in this post.

We will use one part as internal memory and other as external memory for the Android device. By this way, you can save money while buying the mobile phone with more internal memory (RAM).

Usually, you will find at least $100 difference with RAM 3GB and 4GB Android phone. And so, you are easily saving such $100 by partitioning the SD card. Also, the best thing is, you don’t require the PC to partition Android SD card.

Apps Required to Partition SD card without PC in Android Phone

There are few Android apps which you will have to install in order to partition SD card without PC. Don’t worry; all these apps are free and available in the play store. And you don’t need to have any technical skills to do so. First, start downloading the following apps and install those on your Android phone.

Before this, I strongly recommend taking the complete backup of your SD card on your PC or any external device. Because this process will erase everything on the card.

Rooted mobile: Your mobile must be rooted for super user access. If your phone is not rooted, you will get an error while partitioning the SD card. You can get your Android phone rooted very easily.

Rooting an Android phone is a straight away process but if you need any help, this CNET guide can help your way. If you’re still facing any issue with rooting, feel free to comment below and I will help you out.

Busy Box: Busy Box is an Android app which can be installed from Play Store for free. This app is required to install the required repositories on your mobile phone for the partition to happen.

Aparted: It’s again a free Android app and is the main app which will do the SD card partition. You can download and install from here. This app should be installed in your phone memory and not the SD card.

Link2SD: Another Android app which is available free at Play Store which will help you with the partition. We will see how this app will help later in this How to partition SD card without PC article.

How to partition SD card without PC

I hope so far, you have taken the backup of your SD card completely in any external storage and have also installed the android apps I discussed above.

Note: Although the process is quite smooth and there is NILL chance of any error. But still we are doing a custom thing and so if you will lose your SD card somehow, we will not be responsible for that. Although there is almost no chance for that if you will follow the steps I am explaining here.

Step1: After backing up your card (please ensure as partition will erase all the data and is almost unrecoverable), open Busy Box app. Now follow the below movement:

Settings –> Storage –> Unmount the SD card

Unmounting the SD card is important else you will get an error in further steps. Make sure you are following all the steps as explained for smooth SD card partition without PC.

Step2: Now open Aparted app and select the tab create and click on the green plus sign you will find at the top. You need to create the green plus button as many times as a number of the partition you want to create. Now a window will be prompt to you asking to create your first partition. This partition will be your external storage.

Considering you are using an SD card of 4GB (it will show you the current size available). Make the first partition size of 2GB. Now select the FAT32 and click on apply changes by option menu. This space will be your external space available to be used.

how to partition sd card using aparted

The second part will be used for your internal memory. Use FAT32 for this part as well.

Step3: So far you have created a couple of partition for your SD card. First for external memory and second for internal memory.
Here reboot your phone and follow settings -> storage. You will find your external memory equal to the first partition size you selected.

Step4: You have already installed Link2SD. Open the app and it will show you that the 2nd partition is found and will ask you to mount the script. Mount the script again as FAT32 and it will ask for a restart.

Restart your phone again and open the Link2SD app. Go to the option and check the option named, Automatically link newly installed apps to SD.

how to create second partition on sd card for link2sd

Using the storage option info on the Link2SD app, you can find the spaces for each partition and the details of partition for that SD card.

Done!! You have successfully created a partition on SD card without PC. You need to follow all the steps carefully as any mistake may lead to issue with the SD card.

Also, make sure you are using a working SD card for partition else you will start seeing the errors.


This was all about how to partition SD card without PC. I hope you got these points and can partition Android SD card without PC. Also, you came to know about SD card partition for Android devices.

Please follow the steps and increase the internal storage for your Android phone without any additional cost. Feel free to share the article, if you liked and let me know if this helped you or faced any issue in the comment.

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