I am sure most of you must be using WhatsApp! After all, it is one of the most popular chat apps for mobile and web. But have you heard of GBWhatsApp? I will be talking about GB WhatsApp APP and GBWhatsApp APK download the latest version in this post.For all those who have not come across GBWhatsApp and thing what exactly is GBWhatsApp APK, please continue to read this section. Others may skip this section and go to next.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a free APK available for the Android device where you can use more than one WhatsApp with a different number. The best thing with GBWhatsApp APK is, you can use more than one WhatsApp on the single phone.

It is the modded version of WhatsApp app like WhatsApp plus and few more enabling you to use more than one WhatsApp account on the same mobile device.

GBWhatsApp is just another app which has made some changes in the original WhatsApp APK and allowing the use of multiple accounts. But it uses everything of original WhatsApp itself. Like it will use the WhatsApp server to communicate etc. it is and so completely safe to use.

Who should use GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is for all those who use multiple SIM cards and want to use multiple WhatsApp account on the same phone. This can be due to many reasons like people want to keep personal and professional network separate or many other combinations.

No matter for what reason you want to use different WhatsApp account if you do GBWhatsApp is for you. You can simply download GBWhatsApp apk and start using multiple WhatsApp on your phone.

GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

Now as you know what GBWhatsApp is and why use GBWhatsApp, it’s time to download GBWhatsApp and install it. You don’t need to visit anywhere else to download GBWhatsApp. Instead, you can do so just by clicking the below button.

We are providing GBWhatsApp download latest version 2017 as of now and will keep the link updated with the updated GBWhatsApp file. You can bookmark this page and visit anytime to get the latest version GBWhatsApp apk.

The best thing with GBWhatsApp is you don’t need to root your android phone. It is compatible with all the phones and so no issues with the access.

GBWhatsApp Latest Version Details

Here are the details of the latest version of the GB WhatsApp apk which you have downloaded.

  • Version: 5.7
  • Size: 35 MB
  • Android Version Required: 4.0 or above
  • App Name: GB WhatsApp APK
  • Price: FREE
  • Root Required: No

Summary: Enables you to use more than one WhatsApp account on the same mobile phone with different numbers free.

GBWhatsApp latest version download- Installation Steps

Now as you have downloaded the GB WhatsApp apk 2017, you need to locate it in your file. Once you are with the downloaded file, follow the below GBWhatsApp installation steps to complete. As rooting the Android device is not required and so no need to worry about any issue with the phone. It is just like any other Android app.

Step 1: Enable the setting

Here you need to enable the unknown source setting on your phone. This is for all the apps you will install on your phone. To enable this, follow setting> sources> unknown sources

GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version

Step 2: Install the downloaded GBWhatsApp APK

Once you enabled the unknown source on your phone, locate then downloaded the file and double-click on it to install.

GBWhatsApp Latest Version Download

Step 3: Configure mobile number

In this step, you will have to enter your mobile number to proceed further

GBWhatsApp Multiple WhatsApp account

Step 4: Authenticate your number

Once you will enter your mobile number, it will send you the OTP to authenticate. Do this and you are safe to go ahead. With this GBWhatsApp is ready to be used on your mobile phone.

GBWhatsApp Installation

That’s all! GBWhatsApp APK is installed on your mobile device where you can now keep on adding the account easily.

GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version Features

There is a proper team who is handling the GBWhatsApp app and ensures that the app is updated and removes the glitches. Here are some features of the latest version of the GB WhatsApp apk.

Even there are many features in GBWhatsApp which is not even available on the official WhatsApp app due to policies and regulations. These features of latest version GB WhatsApp apk helps in engaging and attractive conversations. Here is the summary of the features of the GB WhatsApp app-

  • Hide your Last Seen, Bluetick, Double tick through the privacy option of the app
  • You can send the broadcast message to 600 people at once instead of 256 limits in the official version of WhatsApp.
  • The size of the video you can exchange can be up to 30 MB which is just 16 MB in the official WhatsApp app.
  • Audio file size limit has been increased to 100 MB
  • Copy your friends’ status in just a click
  • Send 90 images at once to someone instead of the limit of 10 in the official app
  • Like official app, here also you can try and install new themes
  • Preview the photos and images without downloading which saves the internet data
  • Status update characters have been increased to 256 characters
  • Zoom your friends’ profile picture
  • Multiple Language support

And there are many such features provided in the latest version GBWhatsApp Android app. You can say GBWhatsApp as official alternatives to WhatsApp.

FAQ about GBWhatsApp APK

I found many queries people asking on different forums and social media related to GBWhatsApp. I thought to summarize those here and answer as per the best possibilities.

Q: Is GBWhatsApp safe to use? If yes, can it be for long term

A: A Big YES! As it doesn’t require any kind of rooting also and so is completely safe and is for the long term. As rooting is not required and so no risk to your phone also. I also checked the GBWhatsApp apk file for virus and it was completely clean and so you can use it like you do for any other Android app.

Q: Why the official site is not using https?

A: Well, that depends on the owner but what I felt is, as the site is just informative and doesn’t involve any kind of transaction and so might be not using. HTTPS is mainly used to the site where data transfer happens or the payment is involved. Although it is advisable to use on all the sites but for the above sites, it is essentials.

Advantages of Using GBWhatsApp

  • You can change themes in GBWhatsApp.
  • Like the original WhatsApp, it also doesn’t contain any ads
  • You will have all the features that original WhatsApp provides in the GBWhatsApp as well along with many extra features as explained above.

Disadvantages of Using GBWhatsApp

We are not sure about the data as this is not from the trusted source. Although GBWhatsApp uses servers of WhatsApp itself still we are not sure if they are tracking the requests or not.

GBWhatsApp Alternative

Well, you might be thinking if there is any solid alternative to GBWhatsApp or not. Yes, there is a GBWhatsApp alternative and that is WhatsApp Plus which you can also sue to create multiple WhatsApp account on the same phone.


This was all about GBWhatsApp APK. I have included the latest version GBWhatsApp apk download link which you can use to safe download.
Using GB WhatsApp, you can try all the features of official WhatsApp app along with many other features as explained above.

Let me know if you are using GBWhatsApp?

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