How many times you have faced this issue- You are browsing some site and suddenly it says, the site is not available in your location? Such issues can be resolved with the help of free proxy server list.

Usually, the government sometimes ban some sites to be accessible from one particular location due to various reasons. This could be due to the security issue or the piracy issues as well.

free proxy server list

But whatever can be the reason, if you are looking to access the same site from the same location, you can use proxy sites for that. In this post, I am going to share over 300 free proxy server lists for 2017. These are free proxy server list and you don’t have to pay a single penny for that.

By using these free proxy servers’ sites, you can bypass the restriction and access to the restricted sites easily. All these free proxy server lists discussed here are fast proxy server list and you can even get free proxy list USA from these lists. For all those who are new to this topic- Free proxy server list, let me discuss the basic.

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What is Proxy Server?

A proxy server acts as a middleman between your system and the network you are trying to connect. It actually diverts the IP address and so the location.

For example, let’s say you are trying to connect to a website from India. But if you’re using any proxy server and has set the IP address location to USA, then your location will be shown as USA. So, proxy servers are not only allowing you to access the blocked site but also helps you to keep yourself secure online.

By this way, you can even keep yourself sure online and hide your original privacy.

How Proxy Server Works?

As discussed above, the proxy server usually used for the IP address variation. For example, if you are working from location A and don’t want anyone to see your location as A, just use any proxy server and select location as B or C and your location will be either B or C depending on what you have selected.

How Proxy Site Works?

It is the proxy server which interacts with the website on your behalf and so your traffic will be routed through a middleman. It not only provides you the access but also the security. You can also use VPN for the same but those are majorly paid one. Also, there are lots of VPNs in the market and don’t be confuse which one to buy. You can follow the VPN review site Anonymster to check more details.

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Types of Proxy Servers

There are mainly three types of proxy servers. All the free proxy server list we will discuss here will be of these three types of proxy servers.

Tunneling proxy: It is a proxy which doesn’t modify the request while passing the request and response and is known as Tunnelling proxy or gateway.

Forward proxy: Forward proxy is used to retrieve data from a wide variety of sources from the internet. It is an internet facing proxy.

Reverse proxy: It is also an Internet facing proxy which uses a front end to a server on a private network. Reserve proxy is generally used for load-balancing, authentication, decryption and caching.

There are 3 more types of HTTPS proxies you can check-

Fully anonymous proxies: Doesn’t change the request field and looks similar to the original request.

Anonymous proxies: Doesn’t reveal the IP and keeps you anonymous.

Transparent proxies: Unlike the above two proxies, these are not anonymous and are simply HTTP requests.

Now as you know how beneficial it is to use the proxy servers and so let’s see 300+ free proxy sites and how to use those.

300+ Free Proxy Server List Sites to Bypass the blocking

URLName Vtunnel Just unblock it US Proxy server Anonymizer Ninja Cloak Fast School proxy Proxify HMA proxy Proxy 2014 Free open proxy Greatest free proxy Working proxy Pro Unblock Work Host View youtube Proxay Greatest free proxy Fun Proxy Hide the internet Cant unblock this Orange Proxy Web proxy free Proxy one VPN browse Proxy 2014 Hide n Seek Just proxy Ecxs Proxy pirate The best proxy Free youtube proxy Free proxy server Push proxy Defilter QuickProxy Hidden Digital Proxy Power Surf for free Intern Cloud Singapore proxy Anonymizer Intern Coloud Unblocker Hidden Digital ZacBook Rapid Proxy Proxys Just Unblock it Network bypass Goproxy Proxy this Me Hide Zalmos K Proxy site Xitenow Suederproxy Toproxy Phproxy London proxy KR Proxy Brazil proxy Canada proxy US proxies Spedo US proxy Youoliaren ProxyBrowse ProxyInternet Just Loves This German Proxy Caproxies Proxy 2015 FB Proxies America Proxy Pk proxy Suede proxy saoudoProxy HideMYAss UK F4fp tiafun Proxy freedom WebSurfProxy Fish Proxy Dzhot 1 free proxy Sporium Unblock youtube free Free youtube Rapid proxy Unblock Youtube at School Hiding your info Unblocker USA Proxy server Youtube free proxy Proxyo Proxay Facebook proxy server Don filter us Web Proxy server Rexoss World Cup Proxy England Proxy Anonymizer Extreme Proxy Vobas Zend Proxy Blew Pass Monster Proxy Remove Filters K Proxy Youtube unblock proxy Unlock my web Mega Proxy 4 ever proxy Web proxy K Proxy New IP Now Proxy Star Doll Proxy Canada Proxy Working proxy Hide my trax proxy

These were the huge list of free proxy server sites for your use. These are completely free and you can find a huge number of IPs over here.

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How to Use these free proxy server sites?

Using these free proxy servers are very easy and good to use. Just open any proxy sites shared above and you will get their home page. I tried and got their home page.

How to use proxy site?

Here put the URL you want to access and you will be able to view the sites even if it is blocked. Using the plus sign, you will be able to
choose the different servers from the list as well.

Should you use proxy servers for illegal use?

A big no! You must not use these free proxy servers for any unethical use. Use these to access the blocked sites like social media etc.

Bottom Line

These were the free proxy server list. I hope you got a clear understanding of how to use a proxy server and what is a proxy server. Again, please don’t use a proxy server for any illegal use.

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Note: We have tried to make the list working but many times such sites get frequent updates and some get out of internet as well. So, you are requested to validate before using.

Also, if you know any good free proxy server site which is not on the list, please share with us.

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