Free PluralSight Subscription for 3 Months: There is no second thought that Pluralsight is the world’s leading source for online courses. Be it a DevOps, Programming, or analytics courses, Pluralsight is always a leading choice for people.

But if you will look at the Pluralsight pricing, it starts with $299 per year or $29 per month which is not a small amount for individuals. And so, people are keeping on asking for a free Pluralsight subscription. You can check the Pluralsight pricing and plans below.

Free Pluralsight Subscription

$299 is not all affordable for the majority of us and so today I will talk how to get a free Pluralsight subscription for 3 months. First all, anyone can get the free Pluralsight subscription and it is completely a white hat technique. This is allowed from Pluralsight team as well and so you completely safe to get free Pluralsight account.

Let’s start and see how you can get Pluralsight free subscription!

Tips to get Free Pluralsight subscription

First of all, this is completely a legal method to get Pluralsight free subscription and everyone is eligible to get the Pluralsight free subscription for at least 3 months.

Although Pluralsight free subscription allows for maximum three months only still you can learn a lot in 3 months, which is not the small time.

To get the free Pluralsight subscription, you just need to follow the below steps and you will end up having the 3 months of free subscription for Pluralsight.

Step1- Create Live Account

Here you need to create a Microsoft live account. You can click here to create a new or if you have one, no need to create. You can skip this step in that case.

Create Account with Live

Step2- Login to Visual Studio

Once you have the account or have an existing account, you need to visit and log in to Visual Studio, which is a Microsoft product.

Visual Studio Signin

Step3- Look for the Free PluralSight Coupon

After signing in, you will be landed on the “Visual Studio Dev Essentials” page here you will get the Pluralsight free subscription code for 3 months. There will be different sections of this page and you are advised to scroll to the education section to find Pluralsight free subscription code for 3 months.

Visual Studio PluralSight

Step4- Copy the Free PluralSight Coupon

Now click on the “Get Code” link at the bottom of Pluralsight section. This will show you a pop-up screen saying the successful activation of coupon for a free Pluralsight subscription.

Free PluralSight Coupon Code

Step5- Activate the Free PluralSight Coupon

Now click on the Activate button which will take you to the Pluralsight page and you will see the welcome screen asking to activate the 3 months free access of Pluralsight.

Free PluralSight Subscription

Just click on the activate your benefit button and you are done.


You are now having free Pluralsight subscription access for 3 months. You can browse and attend as many courses as you can. Also, there is no restriction on attending the courses. You can take any Pluralsight course for free. You’ll be considered as a normal member and can enjoy the following benefits-

  • Access to entire 5,000+ course library
  • Learning paths
  • Skill measurement
  • Exercise files
  • Course learning checks
  • Completion certificates
  • Mobile apps- Both Android and iOS
  • Offline viewing

Using their mobile app, you can take the courses from anywhere. Also, all the courses are available in high quality. To take the courses offline, you can make use of their desktop media player which has the offline feature.


This was the sure shot method to get Pluralsight free subscription for three months. The best thing is, there is no limitation compared to the paid account and you will have access to all the features.

Moreover, Pluralsight is a leading online learning portal and is providing services worldwide. You can make use of this Pluralsight free subscription account and skill yourself to tackle the challenges.

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