Chatwing is a leading chat software in the industry helping you interact with your customer in real-time. You can chat with your customers and can convert those in sales in real-time.

Chatwing review

If you are serious about your online venture then you must think of integrating something which will enable you to interact with all your visitors in real-time. We are in a time when people don’t wait for the email or call response. They just want to get things in real-time and get that completed.

What can be better than a chat software?

Although you will find many free and paid chat software I found Chatwing the leading one due to various reasons. I will discuss those in the coming sections.

Chatwing Review

Chatwing is a leading chat software product by Chatwing since years. They have simple to configure chat room for the customers and easy-to-use interface for all operations.

They have dedicated plugin for WordPress, Drupal, and apps for iOS and Android which makes your work even easy. I will talk about how to create a chat room with Chatwing easily.

Let’s start with Chatwing review and see the features of Chatwing and Chatwing pricing.

Chatwing Features

Here are some of the amazing features of Chatwing which will help you use the software more effectively.

Create Chat Room

Just sign up and create the chatroom as you want. Here you can also add your chat agents who will be handling the chat for your company. Also, you can define some pre-defined templates for the use which will help you receive the customer quickly.

Chatwing review

Allow Social Registration

Chatwing allows more than 10 social sites sign up with your signup like Facebook, Twitter, Google to name few. Now the best thing is you can customize this sign up and allow you to register the options from the listed 10 sign up sources. By this way, you will be able to manage the data better.

Booking and Calendar

This is the special feature I found with Chatwing where you can integrate your personal or professional calendar to Chatwing. This will help you get all the meetings at a single place.

Chatwing review

Your visitors can check your calendar and book the appointment with you helping you not clash the timing with other schedules. Both the parties will also receive the confirmation and follow up after the appointment.

Chatwing Pricing

Chatwing offers competitive pricing in the market and so is highly suitable for everyone. You can start with as low as $14 per month and access all the features. When I checked similar features in other company it costs around $50-60 per month and so Chatwing is very much affordable.

Chatwing review

The best thing is if you will register for a year, it will just cost you $11.2 per month. Also, the company provides 30-days of money back guarantee where you can ask for money back with no question asked.


This was all about Chatwing review which is a must have chat software if you are working online and selling something. They will also personalize all the apps with the logo of your company making it more brandable. Chatwing’s customer support is also recommendable who is available 24×7 helping you in any case. Do try Chatwing’s chat room for website and share your website.

Chatwing Review – Features, How To Guide, Pricing
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