10 Best Ways To Download Torrent Files Using IDM

10 Best Ways To Download Torrent Files Using IDM

Download torrent files using IDM: As you are aware there are so many cloud sharing websites are available in the online world and because of these downloading torrents has become an easy task.

You have seen many free and paid torrent files download sites which allow you to transfer any torrent directly using your web browser.

Torrent to IDM

Internet download manager (torrent to IDM) is still the best option to download torrent files. Here I am showing 10 best reviewed and popular websites to download torrent files using IDM (Internet Download Manager).

In this torrent to IDM article, we will see how to download torrent files using IDM. We will explain over 10 methods to download torrent files using IDM.

But before moving ahead with the torrent to IDM, let’s first see some basics about the Torrents and Internet Download Manager and see how they work.

Torrent Overview

Torrent is a file extension for Bit Torrent files. Torrent works on PEER to PEER connection between distributors (known as seeders) and requesting clients (known as leechers). When you request a torrent, file using any Bit Torrent client you also participate in the uploading of a small piece of that file. A huge two-way P2P distributed connection is made between seeders and leechers and this is how torrent magic works.

Steps to Install Torrent:

  • Double click on downloaded torrent .exe file and proceed with next steps.
  • Once Installation is complete, open torrent.

IDM Overview

Internet Download Manger is a download manager that allows you to download images, files, videos etc. This is the best application for optimizing the download speed and organizing the files.

Download torrent files using IDM

Steps to Install IDM

  • IDM file is downloaded in WinRAR format.
  • Extract IDM file and Store in any location on your computer.
  • Open Setup and click on idman application.
  • Now proceed with next button and click on finish.
  • Once Installation is complete, you can open this on your computer.

Advantages of downloading torrent files using IDM

Here are a number of advantages of downloading torrent files using IDM.

  1. You can increase the downloading speed using Internet Download Manager Optimizer.
  2. Due to intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology of IDM, It can accelerate download up to 5 times faster.
  3. The downloaded files are segmented dynamically during download process.
  4. It helps to get good performance.
  5. If torrent files are blocked in your school, college, and offices, still you can download that torrent files by configuring proxy in your Internet download manager.
  6. You can also download the torrent files with a maximum speed which has less number of seeds using Internet download manager.
  7. Downloads can be scheduled as per your requirement and availability.
  8. You don’t need to worry about torrent health when you are using IDM.

Now as we know why we need Torrent and IDM, let’s see how to download torrent files using IDM in this torrent to IDM.

10 Sites to Download Torrent Files using IDM- Torrent to IDM

There are multiple ways to download torrent files using IDM which you can use. In this section, I will explain 10 best and simple ways to download torrent via IDM-

1. zbigz

Zbigz is the site in which you can upload your torrent files and can be downloaded using Internet download manager.


Your computer is secure while using Zbigz as it uses HTTPS protocol for connection. Zbigz can be used for the temporary purpose or you can also buy the membership If you want to use this for the long term. Zbigz is considered as a leading site for the torrent to IDM.

Steps to download torrent files

  • Open Zbigz in your browser.
  • Once opened, click on upload button and choose the torrent file/torrent link.
  • After the above step, Click on Go. You will see two buttons ‘Free’ and ‘Premium’.
  • If you are not a premium member then click on ‘Free’ button.
  • Once clicking on ‘Free’ you will be redirected to a zip file screen.
  • Now click on the zip file. It will open IDM.
  • Click on start download and you are done.

2. PutDrive

PutDrive is online cloud downloader. If you want to use this then you must have a Putdrive account. Putdrive provides you 85 different file hosters from which you can upload and download the file. You can find latest movies, cool mp3, the software you need, games you are addicted to over Putdrive.


Steps to download torrent files using PutDrive

  1. Open Putdrive in a web browser.
  2. Sign-in to putdrive using your putdrive account.
  3. Click on Download files on the left top side.
  4. After the above step browses the torrent file to upload then click on next.
  5. After clicking on next, your file will be ready.
  6. Now, you can download your file using Internet download manager.

3. pCloud

You can save your files in PCloud and can have them on your computer, phone or web using the PCloud site. You can also send, receive and work with your friends on every file. PCloud provides unbreakable security due to which you can keep your private files confidential with the highest level of encryption.


PCloud allows up to 10 GB storage for free. If you want more facilities then you can switch to a premium plan.

Steps to download torrent files using pCloud and IDM

  1. Open PCloud in a web browser. Sign up to this and get your cloud ready.
  2. You can collect your file offline. See below-

PCloud Offline FIles

  1. Now, upload your torrent file.
  2. Once uploaded, download this using Internet Download Manager.

4. Boxopus

Boxopus is fast and easy online torrent downloader. Boxopus securely downloads torrents into the private space or in the cloud. You can register this with email or sign-in with facebook. You can use this on any device you have, no matter what browser or OS. Your files are encrypted in this and no one else besides you can access them.


Steps to download torrent files

  • Open box plus in a web browser. Sign up to this with any social network and can start downloads with IDM.
  • See below screenshot to browse the torrent file and put it to the dropbox.

Boxopus download

  • You can download torrents with Internet download manager from dropbox location.


Furk.net is your personal secure storage that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately. You can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC, smartphone, HTPC or even a game console (XBOX, PS3).

The bandwidth limit is up to 250 GB per month and the disk storage limit is unlimited as long as files are from public sources.

Steps to download torrent files

  • Open fruk.net in a web browser. Sign up to this with any social network or email.
  • After Signup, Browse the torrent file from your computer and upload this.
  • Once uploaded, you can download this from Internet download manager.


Bytebx is an online storage for your backup. You can upload files from your computer or anywhere on the internet (Just paste the link). You can also watch and listen your media online or can download your files at any moment. Use any modern device to access your storage.


Steps to download torrent files

  • Open bytebx in a web browser. Sign up to this.
  • After sign-in, it will open a window. Now, click on upload torrent button.
  • Browse your torrent file.
  • Once the torrent file will be uploaded, download this using Internet download manager.


FileStream.me is a secure download manager and private cloud storage. Using FileStream.me, you can download files fast and anonymously. This is available in five different international languages including English. You can download torrents, magnets, video and audio files from the internet to FileStream.me cloud storage. FileStream supports 900 popular media sites to choose from.


Steps to download torrent files

  1. Open FileStream in a web browser. Sign up to this.
  2. It will open a new web page. Click on download torrent.
  3. Paste your link or browse torrent from the computer.
  4. After that click on download icon. Copy the link and paste it to IDM.
  5. Now click on start download in IDM and your file will start downloading.


Put.io is a boutique storage company. The specialty of Put.io is to retrieve data from the internet and putting it into your personal, private space. It uses less bandwidth. It runs on any devices which have a browser.


Steps to download torrent files

  1. Open put.io in a web browser and click on signup to create an account. Premium users are nearly equal to 1 TB.
  2. After signing-in upload the torrent file in homepage section of the site.
  3. Once the file uploaded, download this using Internet download manager.


BTCloud is the broadband service that provides you easy and free backup to your data over the cloud.

BT broadband customers can securely backup their data to avoid cyber attacks and store documents, photos and videos.

Steps to download torrent files

  1. Open BTCloud in a web browser and signup into this using social networks provided on the web page.
  2. This allows you to upload remote URL of a torrent for free user. Paste the torrent link to the homepage and click on go.
  3. Follow the instructions, your torrent file will be uploaded in BTCloud.
  4. Download the uploaded file using Internet download manager.


It is a small Bit Torrent client. The idea of Torrent2exe is to let users download a custom-built exe program with the torrent file integrated into it. The size of Torrent2exe is only 50 KB.


Steps to download torrent files

  • Open Torrent2exe in a web browser. No need to sign up.
  • Enter the link of the torrent file or choose your torrent file to upload.
  • Once uploaded successfully. Click on start downloading and your file will be downloaded.

Before we conclude…?

Before we conclude this 10 best ways to download torrent files using IDM, I hope you got a good understanding of torrent to IDM.

All these torrent to IDM sites are quite good and most of these have free plans to use. You can simply sign up to any of these torrents to IDM sites and start downloading torrent files using IDM.

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