20 Best Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Matches Online Free

In today’s world, most of the working people don’t get time to sit and watch sports on television due to their busy schedule. They want to watch live sports on Laptop/Computer, Android Phone, iOS, Tablet etc. I am sharing 20 best sports streaming sites to watch live sports online for free.Apart from these sites, we can also stream the live sports events using the best Kodi addons

Live streaming sites for sports

Site NameURLCost
FromHothttp://www.fromhot.com/ Free
WatchESPNhttp://www.espn.com/watch Free
VIP Leaguehttps://www.vipleague.ws/ Free
Laola1.tvhttp://www.laola1.tv/en-int/home/ Free
StreamtoWatchhttp://www.stream2watch.cc/ Free
Batman Streamhttps://www.batmanstream.com/ Free
FirstRowSportsHTTP://fïrstrowsports.eu/ Free
All Sports Livehttp://allsport-live.net/eng/ Free
Stream2Watchhttp://www.stream2watch.eu/ Free
StreamWoophttps://streamwoop.tv/ Free
Cricfreehttp://cricfree.org/ Free
Live Soccerhttp://www.soccer24.com/ Free
StopStreamhttp://www.stopstream.co/ Free
MyP2Phttp://xn--myp2-esa.eu/ Free
SportLemonhttp://sportlemons.com/ Free
MamaHDhttp://www.mamahd.com/ Free
StreamHunterhttp://streamshunter.tv/ Free

Best Sports Streaming Sites for Free Live Matches Online- Top 20!

There are multiple sports streaming sites through which you can watch live sports match online for free.

1. FromHot – Top Sports Streaming Sites

URL: http://www.fromhot.com/

Sports Streaming Sites

FromHot is one of the best free sports streaming sites on which you can watch Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cycling, Motorsports etc. The User Interface of FromHot is simple and User-friendly. You can also watch sports videos which have been submitted by users like you. You can also choose the time zone according to your time. And the best feature is that you can submit your own sports video. Using FromHot, you can easily go for free sports streaming live matches.

2. WatchESPN – The Best Sports Streaming Sites for Live Match

URL: http://www.espn.com


WatchESPN is another free sports streaming sites owned by ESPN channel. You should use this site if you are interested in US sports as you all know about ESPN channel. In this site, you will not see annoying pop-up ads like popup ads so, this is the advantage to using this site to watch sports. You can also listen to radios on this site. ESPN has own Android and iOS apps for users who want to watch matches on phone/tablets.

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3. VIP League

URL: https://www.vipleague.ws/

VIP League

VIP League is free to sport streaming site which allows you to stream many sports like cricket. Football, Hockey, Basketball, Motorsports. This site has a feature to change theme and time zone. You can also view upcoming events on this site. You can change the language as per your comfort level. They also allow you to watch live matches online free and enjoy your best time.

4. Laola1.tv

URL: http://www.laola1.tv/en-int/home/


LAOLA1.tv is another sports streaming site which provides sports fans and content partners across the globe with the best videos from the world of sport all year round. The site is modern and very good UI. This is available in the German and English language. This is a good site to watch Football and Volleyball.

5. StreamtoWatch

URL: http://www.stream2watch.cc/


StreamtoWatch is a free sports streaming site which provides manually checked and working links for worldwide sports events. You can see live links for all the games on the homepage like Soccer, Hockey, Baseball etc. You can also upload videos on this site. You can watch live TV of the United Kingdom and the United States. These free sports streaming sites have great features like Series. You can watch web series.

6. BossCast

URL: http://www.bosscast.net/


BossCast Net is free to sport streaming site having great features like time zone, chat, and channels. You can change the time zone according to your country. You can chat on this site but you must follow certain chatting rules like English chat only, no bullying, No Racism, flooding and spamming. The home page of this site shows the schedule of all sports channels like ESPN, BT Sport, Euro Sport etc.

7. Batman Stream

URL: https://www.batmanstream.com/

Batman Stream

Batman stream is leading sports streaming site which presents various live streams, sports videos, live sports, and live score for free. You can also watch best sports videos online on this site. It has bet option for the people who love betting. You can watch sports like Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey etc. This is also available in the app for Android and iOS.

8. FirstRowSports

URL: HTTP://fïrstrowsports.eu/


First Row Sport is another sports streaming site in which you can stream your favorite sports live and free. This site has a great feature that they provide live scores over a slow internet connection so that you can view score when you have slow Internet connection. There are so many sports videos are available on this site and you can too upload videos. One of the disadvantages of this is you will see so many popup ads in a single click. So, it will be better if you enable Ad blocker before visiting this site.

9. All Sports Live


All Sport Live

All Sport is a Russian sports streaming site which is completely free to watch sports online. The UI of this site is attractive. In this, you will find sports channels, league matches, and live streaming. To use outside Russia, you need a translator. But trust me, this is really amazing and I think you must try it once. The betting option is also available on this site for betting lovers. There is also a help tab on this site if you have asked something. You can watch matches for games like Football, Hockey, and Tennis on this site.

10. Stream2Watch

URL: http://www.stream2watch.eu/


Stream2Watch is a streaming site in which you can watch live stream sports and television online for free. You can also watch streaming entertainment from TV channels like ABC, Animal Planet, AXN, Discovery, MTV and much more. You can also watch series on this site. The main feature of this site is you can see the list of all matches which is going live on the homepage. This site is also supported in Android, Sopcast, and Ustream. Popular sports in this site are Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Hockey and Soccer.

11. StreamWoop – Top Sports Streaming Sites for Live Match Streaming

URL: https://streamwoop.tv/


Streamwood is a live sports streaming sites which is available completely free to watch sports online. In the homepage of this site, you will see live matches link which is trending now. Also, you can watch sports replays and highlights. You will see the links for live competitions for sports like tennis, baseball, basketball, Soccer, and Handball. So, overall stream whoop provides links to watch sports online for free.

12. Cricfree

URL: http://cricfree.org/


Cricfree.tv is a sports streaming site in which you can watch all the live matches like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby etc. for free. The homepage of this site is good as all the sports has been shown by their icons. It shows all the current matches of today’s date on their homepage. While watching matches you can chat and provide your perspective about matches. You can also tweet. You can browse to these live sports streaming sites for any sports and enjoy.

13. Live Soccer

URL: http://www.soccer24.com/

Live Soccer

Live soccer is a famous live streaming sports site for soccer. In this, you will find sections like All Matches, Live Now, Results and Upcoming matches. If you are running on a slow internet connection and your live streaming is not supported due to your internet connection then you can view live scores. In this, you can also select games going on a particular country.

14. StopStream

URL: http://www.stopstream.co/


StopStream is the live sports streaming site. The UI of the site is very attractive. In the homepage, you will see games, other and TV tabs. Each game tab has a live streaming link and you can watch matches by clicking on those links. There are also 5 different servers available, if any server is not responding well then you can click on other servers. You can also change the time zone on this sports streaming sites for better follow-up.

15. MyP2P

URL: http://xn--myp2-esa.eu/


MyP2P is a leading sports streaming sites which is available for free to watch sports online. The UI of this site is very good. This site has 4 sections i.e. Home, Live TV, Live Streams and Stream SW. In the top of the homepage, all sports are showing. You can click on any of the sports which you want to watch. You can also change the time zone as per your convenience. There are links showing on this site to watch matches.

16. SportLemon – Leading Sports Streaming Sites

URL: http://sportlemons.com/


Sports Lemon is a live sports streaming site which provides you the links to watch matches online for free. You will see all matches scheduled proceeded by game name and teams name. This is one of the most used site to watch sports online. If you are interested in a particular game then there is tab available for that game on the site and after clicking on that game you will see the match links for that game.

17. MamaHD

URL: http://www.mamahd.com/


Mama HD is a live sports streaming site which is available completely free to watch matches online. The homepage of this site is very good as it is showing upcoming matches that this much time left to start. In this site, you can watch matches for sports like Football, NFL, NBA, Boxing/WWE/UFC, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, and Motorsports.

18. WiZiWiG

URL: http://wiziwig.me/


Wiziwig is a sports streaming site which is available completely free to watch sports online, Live TV. The tagline of wiz wig is very interesting i.e. ‘life is live’ and it’s true. You can watch matches online for your favorite sport by selecting sports tab. This has another feature that is Wiziwig Radio for people who want to listen to commentary while driving cars and walking.

19. StreamHunter

URL: http://streamshunter.tv/


Stream Hunter is a sports streaming site. You can follow sports events. In this, you can search for your particular sport and competition in Select Sport and Select Competition section. Webmasters can put sports streams widget from this site to their websites. Streams can add stream addresses to Stream Hunter. You can also change the time zone according to your convenience in this site.

20. goATDee.Net

URL: http://goatdee.net/


GoAtDee is one of the best streaming sites to watch live sports online for free. In this, you will find all the sports which are running live. Choose your match and after clicking on the link you are all set to watch the match online. This site also shows the channels like ESPN and NBCSN.

Bottom Line

These were the 20 best sports streaming sites to watch live matches online free. All these live streaming sites are free to use and you can enjoy a unlimited number of videos free online.

We will glad to list other free live streaming sites as well if you know any. Please comment which is favorite sports streaming websites for enjoying live matches.

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20 Best Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Matches Online Free
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